Sustainability is a core value in the designs of Maasland Architects.


Although every project is different, there are some basic principles which can be found in most of our projects. We always start low-tech; we approach the project with common sense. That’s where the essence of sustainability can be found. This means making useful analyses of the programme, and the best way to position the programme in such a way that passive sun and wind energy can be used. It also means developing a flexible design which can deal with design changes, as well as changes in use many years after construction. And, last but not least, it means making high quality architecture. A timeless building which can last for more than a century, and still function well, is by definition sustainable. By using this method we are always able to integrate sustainability in our projects in a way that both the quality of the architecture and the sustainability is enhanced..


After the low-tech phase we investigate the technical possibilities to further develop the project. Depending on the type of project and the client, we balance proven techniques with new, innovative solutions. A thorough analysis on investment and return is the basis of the decision making and the funding. An intelligent design saves both on investment costs as well as on operating costs. Smart concepts make smart buildings.