double house Harderwijk [NL]

For this project we analysed typical semi-detached houses in The Netherlands as a basis to create an aberrant concept. Most of the semi-detached houses in the area near Harderwijk are so-called mayors-dwellings; large, majestic dwellings with an impressive front facade and a four-side sloping roof. Both families then own half of such a dwelling.

Our design makes two recognisable dwellings, combined in one building. Both main volumes are joined together by the centre part, separating both dwellings.

The dwellings have a very high level in detailing, based on the specified 1930’s style. Underneath and in between the frameworks we employed natural stone. The many different frameworks are clustered into coherent groups with these natural stone tiles.

To save energy a balanced ventilation system with heat recovery has been installed. Furthermore many other proven techniques have been implemented such as shower heat recovery, super high insulation and a solar boiler for heating and warm water.

clients: private

location: Harderwijk [NL]

completion: July 2007 and December 2007

contractors: Timmerbedrijf Wallet and Bouwbedrijf Van den Brink