cityblock Putten [NL]

In the town centre of Putten a new small shop with two apartments will be constructed. We started with the first design at the beginning of 2003. After some years of delay we made the second design in 2006 with a different concept. Due to changes in the market we altered the design again in 2008 making two smaller apartments instead of a large one. The building permit has been granted so the construction can start any time soon.

The dark grey brick volume in front works as a filter for the privacy of the apartments. For the bedrooms and the terraces it provides shade and privacy while the shop on ground level is pushed to the front for more exposure.

Both apartments are designed in such a way that they can easily be combined into one larger apartment, even after the construction phase.


client: real estate Van den Brink
contractor: Bouwbedrijf J. Timmer

location: Achterstreet, Putten [NL]

start construction: 2018