parking Nieuwegein [NL]

In the coming years the city centre of Nieuwegein will be transformed into a new and modern cultural city centre. On the East side a new town hall and a new theatre will be built on top of the main parking garage. Gideon Maasland was the project architect of this parking garage when he was working at KCAP Architects&Planners.

When entering the new garage the main route is clearly visible. One passes the double height space and then drives down the ramp. From this ramp one has a magnificent view over the parking places before descending into the mass of parked cars. Once parked, orange tiles on the floor lead to the nearest exits. These exits are framed by light walls with a special art print. This print, designed by the Polish artist Jaroslaw Flicinski, gives each exit its own recognisable character. The soundscape, composed by Spinvis, completes the overall experience of the garage. The clear overview, combined with the wide parking spaces and lanes make this an easily accessible facility where the public can enjoy stress free parking.

The sophisticated but rigid grid allows for slender columns, despite the huge weight of the town hall and theatre above. In the parking garage plug connections are made for charging electric cars. Furthermore, the latest techniques are used to keep the energy use for the installations to a minimum.

All in all, the parking garage has become a beautiful addition to the public space of the city of Nieuwegein. As a new gateway to the city centre, the garage has become a benchmark for the entire revitalisation.

client: municipality of Nieuwegein

completion: July 2011

contractor: Bouwcombinatie Nieuwegein (BAM + Ballast) and Z├╝blin

architectural office: KCAP